Legends tell of an ancient canyon buried deep in the rocky banks of the Wisconsin River, where dark things haunt the passages and shadows move in the moonlight. Do you dare take a boat ride up the river and explore the canyon on foot, to discover what lurks there?

Don’t say we didn’t warn you…

The Ghost Boat is an adventure filled with legend, mystery, and terror.

As dusk falls on the Wisconsin River, you’ll board a boat and head upriver, cruising the dark waters en route to the haunted canyon. During this creepy moonlit cruise, you’ll hear the legend of Cold Water City, the old mining settlement that fell victim to an ancient, supernatural evil.

Then your boat turns into a narrow channel, navigating between rocky walls en route to a lamp-lit landing. You’ll disembark here and continue the excursion on foot, following a path that winds through field, forest, and into the dark recesses of the canyon.

Deep inside, among the skeletal ruins of the town, you may discover the source of the terrifying legend — but beware! Some secrets don‘t like to be revealed. And if you’re not careful, you may become a part of the haunted canyon legend . . . permanently.